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Tokens from the buybacks can be added to the initial yield farming pool. They will be paid out and rewarded to $FINU stakers over a period of time. The amount rewarded is equal to the percentage of the staker's stake compared to the total staker pool amount times the amount of tokens left in the yield farming rewards pool divided by the number of total stakers rewarded on a linear time interval of 24 hours. (This equation needs to be drawn and worked by someone smarter than me.)

Another thing to consider is that when tokens are staked there is an additional tax of 5%. Of this 5% tax, 50% is sent to the yield farm rewards pool. The other 50% is converted to Ethereum and sent to the dApp spend wallet to buy tokens.

Getting tired, will work more on this tomorrow. woof woof 🐶

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try this alternative :

1.) Click this button to go to 1inch .io:

2.) Import the token, just click import. Then connect wallet.
3.) Click Settings and enter 19% for the slippage tolerance.

4.) Click swap and change the gas fee to high in metamask.